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Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams

Hoists Direct offers many different types and capacities of lifting beams and spreader beams used in rigging and overhead lifting applications.   Our lifting beam and spreader beam options include adjustable beams, fixed beams, telescope beams, basket sling beams, low headroom beams, fiberglass beams and four point sack lifters.  We carry products that range in capacity from 1/4 ton to 20 ton and range in size from 3 feet to 20 feet with the 2 ton adjustable spreader beam as our best-selling product. All of the overhead lifting devices that we carry are manufactured in the United States in accordance to the ASME B30.20 standard and we offer quick ship (in 1-3 days) on many of our standard size beams. We also can custom engineer specialty overhead lifting solutions for unique below-the-hook lifting applications such as stainless steel four point sack lifters and stainless steel spreader beams.  


Lifters from Caldwell & Harrington Hoists

Hoists Direct supplies lifting beam and spreader beam products manufactured by Caldwell and Harrington Hoists. Products are proof tested to 125% of rated capacity. Harrington Hoists lifting products come standard with a proof-test certificate and Caldwell products offer an optional proof-test certificate.  You can be confident that any spreader beam or lifting beam that you buy from Caldwell or Harrington Hoists will meet or exceed the ASME, ANSI and OSHA standards and will provide years of service. 

SKU 20-1-6 Photo
SKU: 20-1-6
Price: $1,346
SKU 20-7 1/2-6 Photo
SKU: 20-7 1/2-6
Price: $2,807
SKU 20-1-8 Photo
SKU: 20-1-8
Price: $1,534
SKU 20-7 1/2-8 Photo
SKU: 20-7 1/2-8
Price: $3,072
SKU 20-1-10 Photo
SKU: 20-1-10
Price: $2,071
SKU 20-7 1/2-10 Photo
SKU: 20-7 1/2-10
Price: $3,397
SKU 20-2-4 Photo
SKU: 20-2-4
Price: $1,281
SKU 20-10-4 Photo
SKU: 20-10-4
Price: $3,089
SKU 20-1/2-3 Photo
SKU: 20-1/2-3
Price: $1,349
SKU 20-2-6 Photo
SKU: 20-2-6
Price: $1,381
SKU 20-10-6 Photo
SKU: 20-10-6
Price: $3,539
SKU 20-1/2-4 Photo
SKU: 20-1/2-4
Price: $1,116
SKU 20-2-8 Photo
SKU: 20-2-8
Price: $1,675
SKU 20-10-8 Photo
SKU: 20-10-8
Price: $3,866
SKU 36L-3.5 Photo
SKU: 36L-3.5
Price: $2,011
SKU 36-3.5 Photo
SKU: 36-3.5
Price: $935