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  • Harrington 1/2 Ton Coil Lifter Narrow Coil, Width 12

Harrington 1/2 Ton Coil Lifter Narrow Coil, Coil Width 12 Inches

SKU:  HCLNC-1/2-12  

Manufacturer: Harrington

Product: Coil Lifter Narrow Coil 

Capacity: 1/2 Ton (1,000 Pounds)

Coil Width Max: 12" 

Headroom: 18.6"

Lift Art Length: 12"

Lift Arm Height: 2.25"

Throat Opening Height: 14.5"

Bail Opening Width: 2"

Bail Opening Height: 3.25"

Bail Thickness: 0.5"

Proof-Tested: Yes

Country of Origin: United States

Weight: 14 LB 

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This 1/2-ton Coil Lifter is designed to easily lift and position narrow coils by placing the lifting arm securely through the inner diameter of the coil. Built-in standard lifter guide handle and radius on lifting arm to minimize coil damage. Engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 design category B service 2 (below-the-hook standards). Proof-tested to 125% capacity. Proof-test certificates supplied at no charge. These products are made in the USA.