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3/8" Grade 100 Alloy Chain - Half Drum

SKU: 5510423-HD

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Manufacturer​: Peerless 
Type: Grade 100 Chain
Link Style: Straight Link
Package Type: Half Drum (250ft.)
Trade Size: 3/8 inch (10mm)
Inside Link Dimensions: Length: 1.226 inches, Width: 0.560 inches
Weight (Lbs.): 380
Working Load Limit (Lbs.): 8,800
Application: Overhead Lifting Chain
Made in the USA
Peerless 3/8" grade 100 alloy chain is quenched and tempered. Proof tested to 200% of working load limit. Meets or exceeds all existing OSHA, Government, NACM and ASTM specification requirements. This heavy duty chain has a working load limit up to 8,800 lbs. 
Why buy Gr 100 chain? 10mm lifting chain is today's standard lifting grade of chain. It is approximately 25% stronger than grade 80 chain at the same price. 
Overhead lifting chain should be used in accordance with OSHA guidelines.  DO NOT load an assembly in excess of the rated working load limits.