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Chain Fall Hoist

Hoists Direct offers chain falls also known as hand chain hoists from many different manufacturers and with a variety of capacities, types, sizes and options for construction, utility and industrial markets.  Hand chain hoists can be mounted by either a hook or a trolley with common trolley types being geared trolleys, push trolleys or motorized trolleys.  Specialized chain falls are also available to accommodate low headroom, explosion proof environments or clean room environments.  Chain falls are available up to 25 ton capacity from most major manufacturers with larger capacities typically requiring an engineered solution.  Common lifts are 10 feet and 20 feet and we have the ability to supply specialty chain falls over 100 feet.  If you need a custom or specialty hand chain hoist or part for your hoist, give us a call. We have hoist specialists available to assist you.

Budgit, Chester, CM, Harrington & More

Our best-selling chain fall is the Harrington CF series, the CM 653 series and the Ross hand chain hoists, as well as the Chester Zephyr low headroom hand chain hoist for highly customized applications.  You can be confident that any hand chain hoist that you buy from Harrington, Chester, CM or Ross will provide years of service. 

SKU CX003-10 Photo
SKU: CX003-10
Price: $325
SKU CX005-10 Photo
SKU: CX005-10
Price: $428
SKU CX005-20 Photo
SKU: CX005-20
Price: $600
SKU CX003-20 Photo
SKU: CX003-20
Price: $491
SKU CF005-10 Photo
SKU: CF005-10
Price: $225
SKU CF005-15 Photo
SKU: CF005-15
Price: $277
SKU CF005-20 Photo
SKU: CF005-20
Price: $348
SKU CF010-10 Photo
SKU: CF010-10
Price: $264
SKU CF010-15 Photo
SKU: CF010-15
Price: $320
SKU CF010-20 Photo
SKU: CF010-20
Price: $392
SKU CF015-10 Photo
SKU: CF015-10
Price: $385
SKU CF015-15 Photo
SKU: CF015-15
Price: $458
SKU CF015-20 Photo
SKU: CF015-20
Price: $544
SKU CF020-10 Photo
SKU: CF020-10
Price: $440
SKU CF020-15 Photo
SKU: CF020-15
Price: $525
SKU CF020-20 Photo
SKU: CF020-20
Price: $620