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Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Hoists Direct offers many different types and capacities of under hook lifting devices, including barrier grabs, barrier tongs, beam grabs, pipe grabs, coil lifters, slab tongs, pipe lifters, manual rig releasing hooks and radio controlled rig releasing hooks. We sell stock below-the-hook lifting devices such as drum lifters, vacuum lifters, pallet lifters, lifting beams and spreader beams, and we have the ability to engineer custom below-the-hook lifting devices. Our best selling under hook lifting devices have a capacity of 2 ton, 5 ton and 10 ton with either fixed, adjustable or stainless steel configurations. If you would like to find a lifting device or create a solution to solve a custom below-the-hook lifting application please reach out to our experienced sales staff at 866-464-7871.

SKU CCP - 1.5 Photo
SKU: CCP - 1.5
Price: $571
SKU CCP - 3 Photo
SKU: CCP - 3
Price: $636
SKU CCP - 5 Photo
SKU: CCP - 5
Price: $860
SKU GC - 15 Photo
SKU: GC - 15
Price: $2,276
SKU GC - 20 Photo
SKU: GC - 20
Price: $2,841
SKU GC - 25 Photo
SKU: GC - 25
Price: $3,760
SKU 82NC-31/2-12 Photo
SKU: 82NC-31/2-12
Price: $642
SKU 82NC-31/2-16 Photo
SKU: 82NC-31/2-16
Price: $833
SKU 82NC-1/2-8 Photo
SKU: 82NC-1/2-8
Price: $470
SKU 82NC-1/2-12 Photo
SKU: 82NC-1/2-12
Price: $497
SKU 82NC-1-8 Photo
SKU: 82NC-1-8
Price: $494
SKU 82NC-1-16 Photo
SKU: 82NC-1-16
Price: $560
SKU 82NC-2-8 Photo
SKU: 82NC-2-8
Price: $563
SKU 82NC-2-16 Photo
SKU: 82NC-2-16
Price: $723
SKU 82-5-36 Photo
SKU: 82-5-36
Price: $3,255
SKU 82-5-48 Photo
SKU: 82-5-48
Price: $3,925