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Radio Control Systems for Hoists & Cranes

Hoists Direct offers many different radio control systems or RC systems for operating your hoist and crane. We supply Tele-Radio radio control systems.  Tele-Radio offers high quality low price radio control solutions to operate your electric hoist or electric crane.  These radio systems work with all brands of hoists, bridge cranes and end trucks. These systems are compatible with Harrington Hoists, Coffing Hoists, Budgit and CM Hoists.


Single and Dual Speed Buttons

When ordering a system to be able to have a radio controlled hoist or radio controlled crane you will need to know the number of buttons or motions required (Single Motion UP/DOWN, Two Motion UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT), the function of the buttons and if they are single speed, dual speed, and the control voltage (DC, 24 VAC, 48 VAC, 115 VAC). Tele-Radio is our primary supplier of radio control systems. Tele-Radio offers 3-Button, 6-Button and 8-Button systems. The complete radio system comes with one transmitter a receiver unit.