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Push Button Pendants

Hoists Direct offers many different pendant configurations and brands.  When ordering, you will need to know the following: the number of buttons required; the function of the buttons (up and down or trolley operation); if the pendant is single speed, dual speed or three speed; and if the on/off switch is momentary or maintained.  Some stations require an internal strain relief as well as well as external control boxes.  We also supply lower cost Ductowire pendants for replacement units for OEM products.  If you would like to find a replacement push button pendant, please reach out to our experienced hoist specialists at 866-464-7871.


Columbus McKinnon & Duct-O-Wire Hoist Pendant Cables

We also supply OEM replacement pendants, lever switches and round cable for Harrington Hoists, Coffing Hoists, CM Hoists, Budgit Hoists, and Yale Hoists. If you require an OEM pendant and cable please provide us with the manufacturer, model and serial number of the unit.  We would then be able to identify the correct OEM pendant.  Example: Coffing JLC2016 chain hoist serial number: JLC1436.HK.  We also offer a large line of replacement pendant stations by Duct-O-Wire.


SKU L6-S-1 Photo
SKU: L6-S-1
Price: $163
SKU L6-S-1A Photo
SKU: L6-S-1A
Price: $170
SKU L6-S-1M Photo
SKU: L6-S-1M
Price: $170
SKU L6-S-2 Photo
SKU: L6-S-2
Price: $229
SKU L6-S-2A Photo
SKU: L6-S-2A
Price: $214
SKU L6-S-2M Photo
SKU: L6-S-2M
Price: $214
SKU J6-2-1A Photo
SKU: J6-2-1A
Price: $226
SKU J6-2-3A Photo
SKU: J6-2-3A
Price: $230
SKU J6-2-5A Photo
SKU: J6-2-5A
Price: $254
SKU J6-2-1B Photo
SKU: J6-2-1B
Price: $266
SKU J6-2-3B Photo
SKU: J6-2-3B
Price: $270
SKU J6-2-5B Photo
SKU: J6-2-5B
Price: $294
SKU SBP2-6-WB Photo
Price: $209
SKU SBP2-6-WBS Photo
Price: $304
SKU SBP2-6-WH Photo
Price: $210
SKU SBP2-6-WHS Photo
Price: $305