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  • Duct-O-Wire Round Pendant Cable, RPC-1216, 12 Conductor #16 AWG  photo

Round Pendant Cable: RPC-1216.12 Conductor #16 AWG (Nominal O.D. .745") Manufacturer Duct-O-Wire.

SKU: RPC-1216

Duct-O-Wire Round Pendant Control Cables  (UL List and CSA Approved) With 600V –40 to 105 Degrees Celsius Yellow PVC.  Color-coded in accord with NEMA standards.

Round Pendant Cable: RPC-1216. 12 Conductor #16 AWG (Nominal O.D. .745") Manufacturer Duct-O-Wire.  Price is per FOOT price.  Enter the total number of feet of cable you require.