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  • Tractel 1.5-Ton (3300 lb) Topal Non-Marring Plate Clamp, NX1.5 0-30 photo

Tractel 1.5-Ton (3,300 Lbs.) Topal NX1.5 0-30 Non-Marring Multiposition Self-Locking Plate Clamp for very hard or sensitive loads. 50418

SKU: 50418

Manufacturer: Tractel,  Model: Topal NX1.5 0-30,  Part #: 50418,  Capacity: 1.5-Ton (3,300 Lbs.),  Opening: 0 to 1-1/8",  Weight: 24.2 Lbs.


The NX is designed for lifting and revolving without marring of smooth or polished pieces such as stainless steel plates, aluminum, pre-lacquered plates, wood, laminated sheets, marble, concrete, glass, plastic, or any other fragile surface. 

A clamp for all situations, with no risk of damaging the load.

For any rigid load up to 3,300 lbs. and 5-1/2" in thickness.  

Permanently attached chain sling with a large oval suspension ring.

Non-marring Polyurethane coated jaws.

Automatic clamping (manual clamping recommended for fragile materials).