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  • Tractel 1.5-Ton (3300 lb) Topal Self-Locking Plate Clamp NK1-40-60 photo

Tractel 1.5-Ton (3,300 Lbs.) Topal NK1-40-60 Multiposition Self-Locking Plate Clamp 50308

SKU: 50308

Manufacturer: Tractel,  Model: Topal NK1-40-60,  Part #: 50308,  Capacity: 1.5-Ton (3,300 Lbs.),  Opening: 1-5/8 to 2-5/16",  Weight: 13.2 Lbs.


The NK has an automatic locking mechanism when the plate is correctly positioned at the back of the clamps throat.

A clamp specifically for arduous working conditions.

Well adapted for heavy and abrasive loads. 

Lever and clamping jaw protected from impact and wear. 

Built with high strength materials.

The locking lever does not stick out so that the clamp may be used on the bare ground.

Permanently attached chain sling with a large oval suspension ring.