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  • Tractel 3/4-Ton (1650 lb) Topal Multiposition Plate Clamp KS075 0-15 photo

Tractel 3/4-Ton (1,650 Lbs.) Topal KS075 0-15 Multiposition Plate Clamp 50238

SKU: 50238

Manufacturer: Tractel,  Model: Topal KS075 0-15,  Part #: 50238,  Capacity: 3/4-Ton (1,650 Lbs.),  Opening: 0 to 9/16",  Weight: 3.5 Lbs.


A clamp range combining simplicity and flexibility, designed for lifting and revolving of plates, profiles, fabricated assemblies and steel frames during daily use.

Lifting and revolving load with one clamp.

Clamping is secured by a stainless steel spring mechanism.

The chain sling gives easy manipulation and positioning of the load.

Flexible clamping range fully usable without presetting.

Large oval suspension lifting ring.

Lift from horizontal to vertical and back (90 degrees), or lift from horizontal through vertical (180 degrees).

Fewer parts than others available.

''Bites' only on one side of work.