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  • Harrington 2-1/2 Ton CB Hand Hoist, 20', Hook  photo

Harrington 2-1/2 Ton CB Hand Chain Hoist, 20’ of Lift, Hook Mounted

SKU: CB025-20

Manufacturer: Harrington, Capacity: 2-1/2 Ton (5,000 Lbs.), Headroom: 16.5”, Lift: 20’ (Single Reeved), Hand Chain Drop: 18.5’, Pull to lift load: 66 Lbs., Weight: 78 Lbs. 


Gear Cases and Hand Wheel Covers Resistant to External Shocks, Both sides of the chain hoist are covered by steel plate gear cases.

Double Enclosure Keeps Out Rain And Dust, The braking mechanism is enclosed in a double cover-the wheel and brake covers.

Double Pawl Spring Mechanism Increases Safety, If one pawl spring is damaged, the other holds.

Mechanical Brake, The brake works instantly when operation is stopped, and holds the load.

Stopper Assembly, If a load is lowers the full length of the load chain, the stopper assembly works as the stopper.

Ultra Strong Load Chain, The load chain is a heat treated special alloy steel.

Hooks, If they are overloaded, there is no danger of fracture. They will open slowly. The inside of the bottom hook, with ISO dimensions designed to be relatively large, makes it easy to stabilize the load to the proper position.

Bearing Mechanism Increases Mechanical Efficiency, Ball and roller bearings increase mechanical efficiency.

Load Chain Guide, The guide mechanism facilitates the smooth movement of the load chain.

Overload protection device, Corrosion resistant chain are standard.