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  • Harrington 15 Ton Electric Hoist, 10', Gear Trolley, 3 Phase  photo

Harrington 15 Ton Three Phase Electric Chain Hoist, 10’ of Lift, Geared Trolley Mount

SKU: NERG150S-10

Manufacturer: Harrington Hoist, Capacity: 15 Ton, Lift: 10 Feet,  Hoist Speed: 7.5 FPM, Suspension: Geared Trolley with 8' Hand Chain, Pendant Drop: 6 Feet, HP: 4.7 x 2, Headroom: 51.6", Voltage: 208-230 / 460-3-60, Trolley Flange Range: 5.50" to 8.66", Weight: 1246 Pounds.  Does not come standard with a chain container.

NER/ER Large Capacity Electric Chain Hoists with Hook and Lug Suspensions


Large capacity lifting is now available in both our NER and ER models.  Our three phase electric chain hoists provide the duty cycle, durability and ease of operation needed to support most heavy lifting applications.


Features and Benefits

Large Capacity Range:  NER/ER 8 Ton – 20 Ton. 

Standard Voltage:  208-230/460-3-60.  Optional voltages available.  Dual speed models are not reconnectable.

Control Voltage:  110V (optional 24V)

Classification:  AS ME H4.  ISO M4.  FEM 2M or 1Am.

Conformance**:  UL 1340

Duty Cycle*:  Single Speed – 60 Min.  Dual Speed – 30/10 Min. with VFD

Ratings:  Hoist – IP55,  Pendant – IP65

Upper / Lower Limit Switch:  Overwinding/overlifting device.  Standard on all models

Standard Pendants:  Single speed: 2-button (momentary contacts).  Dual speed: 2-button (momentary contacts) with emergency On/Off (maintained contacts).

Standard Lift:  10' (longer lifts available)

Standard Pendant Drop:  4' less than lift (longer drops available)

Standard Power Supply Length:  30' (longer lengths available)

Mounting:  Hook, lug or trolley

Chain Containers:  Optional.  Canvas or steel

Operating Conditions:  Recommended for -4˚ to +104˚ F and humidity of 85% or less.

Standard Hoist Specifications:  UL® Listed**.  Certified and listed to UL 1340 “Standard for Hoists.”

Green Initiative:  Built smarter without the use of harmful materials. Environmentally friendly. RoHS compliant.

Heavy-Duty Hook Latches:  Standard

Limit Switches:  Low-profile upper and lower limit switches are standard.

Extended Chain Life:  Decreased chain wear as a result of a revolutionary heat treatment process, improved material and chain size.

Contactors:  Mechanically interlocked, heavy duty contactors on single speed models.

High Air Flow:  Cooler motor and brake attributed to an engineered motor fin, fan blade and fan cover design.

Unique Load Sheave:  Increased number of pockets reduce chain vibration and increase chain life. 5 pockets standard.

Friction Clutch and Load Brake:  Friction clutch is standard on NER/ER models and friction clutch with mechanical load brake standard on ER models..  Carbon friction material provides consistent performance over a wide temperature range.

Standard Count Hour Meter:  Records and displays the number of lowering starts and hoist on time which is valuable for preventive maintenance. Integral to VFD on dual speed models.

High Strength, Corrosion and Wear Resistant Load Chain: Grade 80, super strength, nickel plated load chain, certified to DIN standards, uses unique technology to greatly increase resistance to fatigue and wear.

Dual Speed VFD:  Under-the-cover VFD standard for dual speed hoists. Speed ratio is 3:1 with adjustability up to 12:1.

“The Guardian”: Smart Brake Technology:  A current driven electromagnetic brake does not release unless the motor is energized. 10 year hoist brake warranty.

Pendant Controls:  Ergonomic design for operator comfort. Red button emergency stop is standard on all 2-button dual speed pendants.