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  • Budgit 5-Ton USA05 Army-Type Push Trolley Hoist, Low Headroom photo

Budgit 5-Ton USA05 Army-Type Push Trolley Hoist, Low Headroom, 8’ of Lift

SKU: 8317

Manufacturer: Budgit Army-Type Low Headroom,  Capacity:  5-Ton (10,000 Lbs.),  Lift 8 Feet (Triple Reeved),  Pull force: 70 Lbs.,  Hand Chain drop: 6.5 Feet,  Hand Chain overhauled to lift load one foot: 205-1/2 Feet,  Push Trolley for I-Beam Width: 4 to 6-1/4”,  Minimum I-Beam Depth: 8”,  Minimum Radius Curve: 72”,  Headroom: 25-3/8”,  Weight: 280 Lbs.  Made in U.S.A.

USA Army Type Trolley Hoist has the advantage of decreasing the
headroom with close coupled trolley connection. The trolley hoists
delivers tighter headroom where just a couple inches greater lift is
of utmost importance.

USA Army Type Trolley Hoist is a variation of the hook suspended
hand chain hoist. Rather than standard hook suspension, trolley hoists
have a lug suspension to permit a rigid mount trolley to be attached to
the hoist…making up the trolley hoist unit.
Trolley can be either push or hand geared model.

The 1-ton model, because of its compactness, requires a special hand
chain wheel extension for the chain wheel to clear a monorail beam.
Subsequently, the trolley for the 1-ton unit includes anti-tip guide rollers
to prevent trolley tipping when hand chain is pulled to raise or lower loads.