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  • Harrington 1/4 Ton Food Grade Electric Hoist, 10', NERM003L-L-FG-10 photo

Harrington 1/4 Ton Food Grade NERM003L-L-FG-10 Three Phase Electric Chain Hoist, 10' of Lift, Motor Trolley Mounted


Manufacturer: Harrington Hoist,  Food Grade Model: NERM003L-L-FG-10,  Capacity: 1/4 Ton,  Lift: 10 Feet,  Hoist Speed: 15 FPM,  Hoist HP: .75,  Motor Trolley for I-Beam Flange: 2.28 to 5.00” and Minimum Radius for Curve: 31.5” for 4-5” Flange and 137.8” for 2.28 to 3.99” Flange,  Trolley Speed: 40 FPM,  Trolley HP: .54,  Pendant Drop: 6 Feet,  Headroom: 15.6", Voltage: 208-230 / 460-3-60, Weight: 139 Lbs..

Includes: Epoxy painted hoist, trolley, bottom hook, & suspender.  Nickel-Plated Chain.  IP65 Pendant.  Food Grade oil and grease.  Standard Power Supply Cord is 15'.  Canvas Chain Container included for standard lifts.

Options:  Plastic Chain Container,  Stainless Steel Chain Container,  Stainless Steel Bottom Hook,  Stainless Steel Cushion Rubber,  Stainless Steel Chain Spring & Limiting Plate (2 Ton only),  Nickel-Plated Stopper,  NEMA 4 Pendant Enclosure,  Pendant Covers,  Nickel-Diffused Chain,  Stainless Steel Trolley Wheels (4),  Stainless Steel Guide Rollers (4),  Nickel-Plated Suspension Shaft and Suspender.


Food grade hoist customized to fit your needs.

Harrington’s NER food grade electric hoists were carefully designed for food processing or food packaging applications. The hoists offer RoHS compliance, and its food grade lubricants comply with FDA standards, making them the perfect choice for any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern.  This three phase electric hoist includes all of the top quality features of our standard NER hoist and can be coupled with a push, geared or motorized trolley.

Safe and Efficient

Standard Food Grade Features

1/4 – 2 Ton capacities.

 Food grade oil and grease.

Voltages 208-230/460-3-60.

White epoxy paint for hoists, trolleys, hooks and suspenders.

Nickel-plated load chain.

Canvas chain container.

Lubricants comply with FDA standards.

ASME H4 classification.

Stainless steel and nickel-plated components.

Available Options

Stainless steel bottom hook.

Stainless steel trolley wheels.

Stainless steel side guide rollers.

Nickel-plated shaft and suspender.

Stainless steel or plastic chain container.

Nickel-diffused load chain.

NEMA 4 pendant.

Pendant cover.

Stainless steel chain spring and limiting plate.

Stainless steel cushion rubber.

Nickel-plated stopper.


Food handling.

Food processing facilities.

Lift, support and discharge bulk materials.

A variety of processing industries.