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  • Beta Max Fixed I-Beam Bracket For Gemini/ New Yorker photo

Beta Max Fixed I-Beam Bracket (Gemini/ New Yorker/ Leo)

SKU: 60-8

Beta Max Fixed I-Beam Bracket Features

Can only be used with Beta Max products (Preferred Mounting Option For: LEO VFD Soft-Start, LEO XXL, LEO)

Lift Capacity: 2,000 lb

Adjustable Flange Widths of 2.66″-5.25″

Mounts to any standard size I-Beam

Weight: 21 lbs

I Beam Fixed: Beta Max also offers a Fixed I-Beam Top which firmly holds the hoist stationery on the I-Beam.

The fixed I-beam mount is used with scaffold hoists to hold loads steady while lifting materials to the job level.  The mounting system can be mounted on virtually any standard I-beamon a jobsite. 

Max Load Lift: 2000 lbs