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  • Duct-O-Bar Snap-In Hanger Nylon Insulating w/ Hardware, FE-908-2PFS photo

Duct-O-Bar FE-908-2PFS Snap-In Type Hanger Assembly. Nylon insulating with SS Hardware.

SKU: FE-908-2PFS

Manufacturer: Duct-O-Wire   Made in U.S.A.

Duct-O-Bar  FE-908-2PFS  Snap-In Type Hanger Assembly.  Nylon Insulating hanger with Stainless Steel hardware.  Weight: 0.10 Lbs.

These hangers are not recommended for curves, switches, or short runs unless separate anchors are used.

DO NOT USE nylon hangers in temperatures higher than 230 degrees F.

DO NOT exceed 4 lbs. per foot torque when tightening nut on mounting bolt.



See Page 6 of above Catalog for Mounting Instructions.