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  • Beta Max Dumpster Bucket 1000 lb, Volume: 39 Gallons photo

Beta Max Dumpster Bucket 1000 lb Capacity, 39 Gallons

SKU: 70-59

Easy to empty, bucket swivels 360º 

Lifting Volumes: 39 gallon

Lifting Capacity: 1,000 pounds (all sizes)

Design includes latch for locking bucket in upright position.

Weight: 80 Pounds

Dumpster buckets are most commonly used with these hoists.

1) Gemini Plus (Medium Duty)

Our most popular construction hoist because it is one of the largest 120v hoists on the market.

A 1,200 lb lifting capacity (double rope setup) makes this hoist great for Stucco, Masonry and Restoration projects.

 2) Scorpio Plus XL (Light Duty)

The Scorpio Plus XL wire rope hoist excels at transporting smaller loads. This construction hoist can be easily installed on the leg of virtually any scaffold configuration and is a superior alternative to rope & pulley systems, cranes, and forklifts.

 Easy to empty, bucket swivels 360º and comes in three sizes: 24, 31 and 40 gallon capacities.