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  • Wallace 1-Ton Aluminum Adj Gantry Crane,  8'9

Wallace 1-Ton A28-12AC Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane, 6’9” to 8’9” Height, 12’ Span

SKU: A28-12AC

Manufacturer:  Wallace    Made in U.S.A.

Model: A28-12AC Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Crane  Capacity: 1-Ton,  Overall Height: 6’9” to 8’9”,  Span: 12’,  Clear Span: 10’10”,  Tread: 4’6”,  Caster Dia.: 6”,  I-Beam Size: 8” High x 4.0” Wide,  Weight: 197 Lbs.


Wallace Thrifty Gantry Cranes - Adjustable Height

These all steel or all Aluminum cranes are available in fixed and adjustable height versions. They have the greatest clear span of any B. E. Wallace crane. Capacities are 1 to 7.5 tons. Height is available from 10' 2" to 18' 6", spans range from 8 ft to 15 ft.; all have non-marking and non-sparking wheels.



Wallace portable gantry cranes are ideal for maintenance, manufacturing, repairs, and other materials handling tasks. With an adjustable height and/or span, a single crane can provide a flexible lifting solution. Many customers use our cranes for HVAC, assembly, and repairs of physical plant equipment. Current users include electric utilities, municipal maintenance (including subways, buses, and building facilities), research institutions, and the military for routine maintenance of heavy equipment.

An adjustable crane can go where forklifts often can’t. Lighter weight cranes work well where there are floor weight restrictions. With adjustable width tread, Wallace cranes can fit through narrow aisles. Using Wallace Kart Kits, the proprietary design allows for quick disassembly and assembly for easy transport within a job site or from site to site. Available accessories include manual or powered trolleys and hoists matched to your exact lifting requirements.