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  • Coffing Container - Polyeolefin, 20' Lift 927JG17 08714W  photo

Coffing 927JG17 08714W Chain Container - Polyeolefin, 20' Lift (Single Reeved), 10' Lift (Double Reeved)

SKU: 927JG17

Manufacturer: Coffing   Model: 927JG17  Product Code: 08714W  Item: Chain Container - Polyeolefin.  10-7/16"

Models - Fits all SSEC Models except SSEC2032, SSEC4016 and SSEC4024.  EC0516 to EC4008, and EC6005.  For up to 20' (Single Reeved) of Lift and 10' (Double Reeved).

Mounting - Suspends from hoist and does not interfere with hoist operation. Suspension bracket included.

Safety - Recommended where slack chain may create a hazardous condition.