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  • Lodestar XL 3-Ton Electric Hoist, 15' Lift, Motor Trolley, 5212M photo

CM 3-Ton Three Phase Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist, 15’ of Lift, Motor Trolley Mounted

SKU: 5212M-15-3

Manufacturer: CM,   Model: Lodestar XL   Item: 5212M-15-3   Capacity: 3-Ton,  Hoist Speed: 12 FPM, Lift: 15 Feet (Double Reeved),  Suspension: 50 FPM Motor Trolley for I-beam Flange Width: 4.00” to 6.25”,  Headroom: 33-1/2”,  Pendant Drop: 11 Feet,  Voltage: 230/460-3-60,  Lift HP: 3.5,   Chain container optional, see 5281.   Made in USA.


Columbus McKinnon offers the Lodestar XL electric chain hoists for lifting applications from 2 to 71⁄2 tons. The heavy-duty hoist features faster speeds, less reeving, and higher capacities than traditional chain hoists. Workers in auto motive plants, heavy equipment manufacturing, paper mills, and related rugged work environments will experience the same dependability and versatility that they have relied on for many years.

The NEW features of the Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist include:

 Lifting capacities up to 71⁄2 tons.   Increased lifting speeds throughout the line.  Double reeved units with 3-5 ton lifting capacities.  Maximum lifting speed of 30 feet per minute.

A glimpse of the many features of the Lodestar XL that have honed its reputation for durability and long life:

Heavy-duty, multiple disc braking system.  Forged ten-pocket oblique-lay liftwheel for smooth chain operation, constant chain speed, and reduced chain wear.  Gearing operated in oil bath for increased lifting life and quiet operation.  Rated H-4, heavy-duty.  Standard overload protector.   Adjustable screw-type limit switches.  Thermally protected motor.  Factory tested at 125% of rated capacity.  Made in U.S.A.   Lifetime warranty