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  • Coffing 1/2-Ton Spark Resistant Electric Hoist, SSEC1009-10-P1 photo

Coffing 1/2-Ton SSEC Single Phase Spark & Corrosion Resistant Electric Chain Hoist, 10’ of Lift, Push Trolley Mounted

SKU: SSEC1009-10-P1

Manufacturer: Coffing Hoist,  Capacity: 1/2-Ton,  Lift: 10 Feet ,  Hoist Speed: 9 FPM,  Suspension: Push Trolley for I-Beam flange width 3.332 to 7”,  Pendant Drop: 6 Feet,  Lift HP: 1/4  Headroom: 17-11/32”,  Voltage: 115/230-1-60,  Weight: 155 Pounds.

All hoists feature stainless steel load chain, bottom blocks and hooks.  Chain container not included, is an option.

COFFING Electric Chain Hoists SSEC Models are adapted for use in corrosive atmospheres such as those found in hot dip galvanizing and electroplating operations, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical processing, foundries, metals processing, at dockside and on shipboard.  The spark-resistant and safety features make this an ideal hoist for use in areas where chemicals and flammables are stored and used.  Coffing Stainless Steel hoists do not contain explosion proof motors.  Therefore they do not meet any of the NEC (National Electrical Code) classifications for explosion proof areas.  Contact Hoists Direct, Inc for products meeting the NEC classifications. 

In addition these models are designed for food handling environments from high humidity to cold storage, or sensitive applications in pharmaceutical or medical products facilities; wipe down to wash down environments.



115/230, single phase; 230/460,208, 220/380, 575 – three phase. 60 hertz standard

Standard Push Button Stations are NEMA 3R with an internal Strain Relief.  Drop is 4 ft. less than lift. 

Standard Trolley Speeds on motorized trolleys are 35 FPM or 75 FPM. 

White enamel paint standard. 

Built in compliance with ASME/ANSI B30.16 and CSA standards. 

Stainless Steel Load Chain, Stainless Steel Lift Wheel and Chain Guides, Stainless Steel Bottom Block and Hook, Stainless Steel Top Hook. 


Power Cord (15ft.) is provided at no cost when requested.

Non-Metallic or Stainless Steel Chain Containers available.

FDA-approved unpainted aluminum housing (small frame models) or epoxy paint available.

Can be provided with vegetable oil transmission (Nevastane 220EP) upon request at no additional charge.  (Requires the removal of the mechanical load brake)

Optional NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Push Button Stations.

Stainless Steel or Bronze Trolley Wheels are available as an option.

Rubber Trolley Bumpers are available as an option.

50 hertz available.  Two-speed motors available (3 to 1 speed ratio) or variable Frequency Drives.