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  • Caldwell 3.5-Ton Fiberglass Battery Lifting Beam, Model 36E photo

Caldwell Model 36E 3.5-Ton Fiberglass Battery Lifting Beam, Adjustable Standard Spread: 36"

SKU: 36E-3.5

Manufacturer: Caldwell    Made in U.S.A.

Rated Capacity: 3.5-Ton (7,000 Lbs.),  Adjustable (Batteries of Different Length) Standard Spread: 36",  Headroom: 40-1/2”,  Standard Swivel Hooks,  Weight: 20 Lbs.




Lightweight units - 70% lighter than other beams. 

Model for handling batteries of different lengths.

Heavy duty 4,800 Lb. and 7,000 Lb. Capacity. 

Non-conductive fiberglass beam construction.

Acid-resistant, coated polyester straps with either Swivel (standard) or J-Hooks (optional).