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  • Caldwell 2-Ton Fixed Spreader Beam, Spread: 8', W/ Chain Top Rigging photo

Caldwell Model 30C 2-Ton Fixed Spreader Beam, Spread: 8’, With Option C: Chain Top Rigging

SKU: 30C-2-8

Manufacturer: Caldwell    Made in U.S.A.

Rated Capacity: 2-Ton,  Spread: 8’,  Headroom: 58”,  With Option C: Chain Top Rigging,  Top Oblong: 1/2” Dia. X 2-1/2” W x 5” H,  Hook to Beam Bottom: 4-1/4”,  Hook Opening w/Latch: 31/32”,  Weight: 82 Lbs.



Ideal where headroom is not limited.

Adds stability to lift.

Available with standard chain or wire rope rigging.

Available with Adjust-A-Leg  rigging for off center load adjustment (minimum lifting capacity will be approximately

10-15% of beam rating).

Wide range of additional sizes and capacities available.

Complies with ASME standards.

Prices include Option “C”: Chain Top Rigging.