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  • CM Little Mule 12000 lb Wire Grips - Parallel Jaw photo

CM Little Mule LMG4800 12,000 Lbs. Wire Grips – Standard Grip Spring Loaded , Parallel Jaw

SKU: 04471W

Manufacturer:  CM Little Mule,  Rated Capacity: 6-Ton (12,000 Lbs.),  Type: Standard Grip Spring Loaded,  Jaws:  Parallel. 

Wire Size:

 Minimum Size: .70“.   Minimum Gauge: 397MCM.

 Maximum Size: 1.25“.  Maximum Gauge: 1130MCM.

Handle Eye Opening: .1-1/4 x 1-3/4",  Weight: 8 Lbs.

Easy to Use

Versatility – All models are rated for a variety of wire sizes and types, so fewer grip changes are required.

No Lock Ups – Grips open easily and release instantly to quickly insert or remove wire.

Large Handle Eye Opening – Accepts standard hooks and easily attaches to tackle blocks.

Rugged and Portable

Forged Steel Construction – Durable yet lightweight.

Yellow Chromate Finish – Protects components from rust and corrosion.