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  • Caldwell 15 Ton Beam Grabs, Model F photo

Caldwell Model F – 15 Ton Beam Grabs

SKU: F-15

Caldwell Model F Beam Grabs, Capacity: 15 Tons, a) 30.1, b)25.1 c)\17, Weight: Flange Width: 7"- 17", Weight: 187 Pounds

Ships in two business days. See specifications for detailed information.



• Heavy duty design.

• These grabs provide an efficient method for handling wide flange beam

  sections and plate girders.

• Clamps have a recessed base to accept studs welded to a beam’s surface.

• Beam grabs eliminate the need for slings or chokers.

• Use only for vertical lifting.

• For longer beams or girders, use units in pairs in conjunction with a

  Spreader / lifting beam.

• Desgned and manufactured to ASME standards .