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B30.21 Manually Lever Operated Hoists

Hoists Direct sells chain falls, lever hoists and manual hoists that are manufactured in accordance with ASME / ANSI B30.21, Manually Lever Operated Hoists, from a variety of manufacturers including Columbus McKinnon, Harrington Hoists, LUG-ALL and Ross Hoists.  B30.21 covers tools and equipment used to pull, lift and lower a load and to apply or release tension.  Manually lever operated hoists are a versatile tool used in manufacturing, shipbuilding, oil & gas, warehousing, construction, and numerous other applications to aid operators in the handling, moving and tensioning of heavy loads. Manually lever operated hoists are generally available in three types: chain type, wire rope type and web strap type.

Chain Type

Chain type manually lever operated hoists include hand chain hoists and chain falls that use welded link load chain or roller chain as a tensioning medium.  Sample hand chain hoists include the Harrington come along or the Coffing lever puller.  The load chain used in the chain type fit pockets of the hoist load sprocket that transmits motion to the load chain. The load sprocket may also be called load wheel, load sheave, pocket wheel, chain wheel, or lift wheel. Chain type is the most common manual hoist. 

Wire Rope Type

Wire rope type manual hoists uses wire rope or a cable as a tensioning medium.  Sample wire rope manual hoists include the Little Mule rope hoist or the LUG-ALL rope hoist.  Wire rope consists of a core, strands, and wires that comprise a strand. The wire rope fits and wraps onto grooves on the circumference of the hoist drum that transmits motion to the wire rope. Each wire rope size is available in various rope materials. The material strength requirements of the wire rope are selected by the hoist manufacturer in accordance with the design specification requirements of the hoist. When ordering a wire rope type hoist, operators and end users should specify the diameeter of the wire. Wire rope type is the second most common manual hoist.

Web Strap Type

Web strap type manual hoists use a web strap of nylon, polyester or similar synetic material as a tensioning medium.  The web strap fits and wraps onto the circumference of the drum that transmits motion to the web strap. Each web strap size is available in various constructions and materials. When ordering a web strap hoist, operators and users should specify the width of the strap. Web strap type is the third most common manual hoist.

All three types share in common the features of a hook at the hoist frame, a hook at the load block and a lever to apply a load between the two hoist hooks. Each type may use a ratchet and pawl or friction brake operating mechanisms. Note that the load chain, rope or web strap used to lift the load is not interchangeable between different hoist manufacturers.  Only use replacement lifting chain, rope or web strap originally stated by the manufacturer with the specifications included in your product manual if you repair or replace the lifting chain, rope or web strap.

This summary is for informational purposes only. Always refer to the ASME / ANSI B30.16 standards to ensure proper compliance of the standards for Manually Lever Operated Hoists. For more information on B30.21 and a complete overview of the ANSI / ASME B30.21 standards, please visit ASME's website at ASME.org.