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  • Tele-Radio  Panther 3- Button, One Motion, One Speed Transmitter photo

Tele-Radio PN-T13-3HST1, Panther 3- Button, One Motion, Single Speed Radio Transmitter.


Tele-Radio PN-T13-3HST1, Panther 3- Button, One Motion (Up/Down), Single Speed Radio System Transmitter.  Can be programmed to run any existing PNS-03HST1 radio system.  This is the Transmitter only, not a complete system.  This can be used as a replacement or a 2nd Transmitter only.

Transmitters are available Single –step Button (Low Output Power Radio up to 150ft).

It operates in the 2.4GHz (worldwide accepted) frequency

16 Available Channels allowing the operation of multiple systems in close proximity

Out of range shut off

Pre-defined interlocks, time delay between 1st and 2nd step

Control up to 2 receivers individually or in tandem (6 button transmitter required)

Control up to 4 hoists individually with a single transmitter (6 button transmitter required)

Both transmitter and receiver are IP-65

Allows replacement of transmitter from the ground up without having to access the receiver

Fully programmable, automatic time out on transmitter and receiver, range reduction

Two (2) years warranty against manufacturing defects