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  • Beta Max I-Beam Trolley Top For Large Capacities photo

Beta Max I-Beam Trolley Top for Large Capacities (Gemini, New Yorker, Leo)

SKU: 60-25

I Beam Trolley Mount Features (with lower wheel assembly)

Can only be used with Beta Max products (Gemini/ New Yorker/ Leo)

Lift Capacity: 2,000 lb

Headroom: 31"

Adjustable Flange Widths of 3″- 8.5″

Mounts to any standard size I-Beam

Weight: 50 lbs

I Beam Trolley: Our most flexible and versatile mounting system is used with all of our large capacity hoists. The addition of a rolling I-Beam Trolley Top allows many Beta Max Hoists to adapt to existing I-Beams.

Material delivery made easy with I-Beam Trolley that moves along the full length of the beam

Customize forward and backward cantilever to your unique job site requirements

All Beta Max Mounting Systems can be customized to your jobsite specifications