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Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters are an under-the-hook device used to lift heavy objects by a vacuum and suction cup.  The lifting device can be customized to accommodate a variety of load beam lengths from 5 feet to over 10 feet.  Industrial vacuum lifts commonly use 250 psi to create the suction with the vacuum pads.  Overhead vacuum lifters are commonly found in material handling applications to ergonomically lift and position sheet metal, stone, granite and other large uniform or narrow objects.  The device can be mechanical powered, where an operator pulls a handle, or powered by electricity or air. Customers generally purchase a vacuum lift with a hoist or overhead crane to raise and lower the device.  Crane kit options are available for an entire workstation area, including the hoist, festooning, crane and vacuum lift.

As an authorized dealer for vacuum lifting devices, Hoists Direct works with a variety of original equipment manufacturers to address customer-specific applications.  Vacuum Lifters are available with a capacity from 200 pounds to over 7 tons, with the 500 pound, 1 ton or 2 ton option being a popular choice for 5 feet by 5 feet sheet sizes.  Engineered options are available to handle coils and rolls, and attachments are available to use the device with a forklift to raise and lower the device into position. 
For industrial applications, the Caldwell below-the-hook vacuum lift is a popular choice for many customers.  Caldwell’s vacuum lifters are available with 2, 3 or 4 cross arms and vacuum pads ranging from 4 pads to 12 pads.  Caldwell offers quick ship options with a capacity of 300 pounds and 800 pounds.

Hoists Direct has technicians on call that are available to assist with any of your application-specific questions on vacuum lifters.  Call 866-464-7871 to speak with a technician for your custom applications.

Caldwell Vacuum Lift