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Posi Turner Rotating & Lifting Devices

The posi-turner is a below-the-hook lifting device manufactured by The Caldwell Group to assist in turning or rotating loads in an overhead lifting application.  The device is commonly used with an overhead crane. Posi turner lifts are found in a wide range of industrial environments, including assembly lines, fabrication facilities, rigging job sites, machining environments and manufacturing facilities.  Posi turners are customizable for a wide variety of applications and can be used to lift product from the floor or a worktable.  Common applications include lifting and rotating granite or stone, inverting truck or bus chassis, rotating or inverting large pieces of equipment such as a truck or bus chassis, or lifting and rotating large pieces of maintenance equipment that weigh over 1 ton.  The device has a capacity of between 500 pounds and 55 tons, with the 3 ton, 5 ton and 8 ton options representing popular options.  Rotation options include 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 360 degrees.  Replacement straps and slings are available.

The Caldwell Group also makes a posi-turner combined with a gantry crane for use in a workstation environment.  The gantry crane allows for a variety of heights and lengths, and the gantry can include an optional hoist to initially lift and position the load to be rotated by the posi turner.  Hoists Direct stocks a wide variety of electric chain hoists and air hoists that can be outfitted with the same electrical power or pneumatic power options for the rotating posi-turner device.

Posi-turner lifters are custom applications with lead times between 8 and 12 weeks; however, quick ship options may be available depending on the customer’s need and application.  As an authorized dealer of Caldwell posi turners, Hoists Direct has technicians on call to review application specific questions. Call 866-464-7871 to speak with a technician.

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