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J.D. Neuhaus Profi Air Hoist

The JDN Profi air hoist is engineered for extreme environments and can be customized for unique applications.  Capacities up to 100 metric tons are available, as well as 65 psi or 85 psi air pressure versions are available.  This air hoist offers explosion protection as a standard option and has 100% duty rating. All gears are made of hardened or tempered high-grade steel and the planetary gear box offers long life lubrication.  The hoist's load hooks and chain are manufactured from high quality tempered steel with a breaking strength of five times the normal load.  Manual, geared (reel chain) and motor-driven trolley designs for traversing loads are available, as well as a spart-resistant option is available.  The JDN Profi can be customized with a variety of different control options from rope control, multi-speed pendant control and remote control. Chain bags or chain containers are available upon request. The profi offers numerous advantages such as low sound, high lifting and lowering speeds, permanent lubrication during operation and a compact size.  This hoist is commonly found in extreme conditions,  hazardous areas or rugged industrial environments in the aircraft, chemical, mining, power plant and shipbuilding industries.  The JDN Profi air hoist is a popular engineered air hoist and is offered on a quoted basis.  J.D. Neuhaus Profi Air Hoist Photo
The JDN Profi features include:
• Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads
• Easy operation and suitable for lube-free operation
• 100% duty rating and unlimited duty cycles
• Low maintenance
• Low headroom, lightweight
• Sound absorption
• Insensitive to dust, humidity and temperatures ranging from -20°C up to +70°C
• From 1 ton upwards with overload protection (EC-version)
Specification sheets for the hoist are below:
Due to the options available for this hoist, we do not sell this hoist or service parts for this hoist online.  Please give us a call 866-464-7871 for a quote or for any of your Profi parts questions.  Fore an overview of the other J.D. Neuhaus air hoists that we sell, please visit the J.D. Neuhaus air hoist section of our website.