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Overhead Lifting Chain and Rigging Products

Hoists Direct offers a wide variety of sizes, grades, lengths, and material of overhead lifting chain and a wide selection of industrial rigging products. Professional riggers, maintenance workers, plant engineers, and safety specialists rely on Hoists Direct to supply lifting chain and attachments to lift, pull, and secure loads in a variety of environments.

Overhead lifting chain is available in grade 50, grade 80, and grade 100 options. Standard sizes such as 9/32 inch, 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch and special sizes such as 5/8 inch and 5/16 inch are available. Chain is available in bulk half drum and full drum sizes and in pre-cut lengths of 10 feet and 20 feet. Stainless steel, zinc-plated, self-colored, hot galvanized, and powder coated options are available. Our best selling chain for overhead lifting applications is grade 80 chain and grade 100 chain.

Overhead rigging products include welded and mechanical chain slings with grade 80 chain and grade 100 chain, rigging hooks, bent bars, S-hooks, J-hooks, swivel-hooks and lifting shackles. Rigging products are available from Peerless, Crosby Group and Columbus McKinnon Corporation.

Hoists Direct maintains a large inventory of USA-made overhead lifting chain and overhead rigging products to serve lifting, hoisting, and pulling requirements.

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SKU: 109091
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SKU: 109064
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SKU: 109126
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SKU: 109224
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SKU: 109322
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