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Electric Chain Hoists

Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities, lifts, and options for electric chain hoists.  Electric chain hoists offer the best option for lifting 5-tons or less.  When selecting an electric hoist you need to determine the voltage or power supply (single phase or 3-phase), capacity, lift (length of chain), suspension (hook, geared trolley, motorized trolley), pendant control length (length of push button controller), duty cycle, hoist speed, trolley speed, and beam size.  Electric chain hoists can also be configured with a weatherproofing option for the use of the hoist in an outdoor environment, a spark resistant option or a stainless steel option for the use of the hoist in a food grade environment.  Once you determine your electric chain hoist specifications, you can see which manufacturers meet your requirements so you are able to buy the best product at the best price.


Harrington, Beta Max, Budgit, Coffing, Yale, Columbus McKinnon, My-Te & More

Our biggest electric chain hoist sellers are Harrington Hoist, Budgit Hoist, My-Te, Beta Max, Yale Hoist, Columbus McKinnon, and Coffing Hoist. These manufacturers offer high quality, industrial, reliable and affordable electric hoists that meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA standards. Most of these manufactures offer heavy duty and light duty hoists ranging from ½ ton and 1-ton up to 15 ton lifts.

SKU 2712NH-10-H1 Photo
SKU: 2712NH-10-H1
Price: $2,171
SKU 3111NH-15-H1 Photo
SKU: 3111NH-15-H1
Price: $2,267
SKU 3112NH-20-H1 Photo
SKU: 3112NH-20-H1
Price: $2,363
SKU 2715NH-10-H3 Photo
SKU: 2715NH-10-H3
Price: $2,171
SKU 3113NH-15-H3 Photo
SKU: 3113NH-15-H3
Price: $2,267
SKU 3114NH-20-H3 Photo
SKU: 3114NH-20-H3
Price: $2,363
SKU 2715NH-10-PT3 Photo
SKU: 2715NH-10-PT3
Price: $2,379
SKU 3113NH-15-PT3 Photo
SKU: 3113NH-15-PT3
Price: $2,474
SKU 3114NH-20-PT3 Photo
SKU: 3114NH-20-PT3
Price: $2,570
SKU 2712NH-10-PT1 Photo
SKU: 2712NH-10-PT1
Price: $2,379
SKU 3111NH-15-PT1 Photo
SKU: 3111NH-15-PT1
Price: $2,474
SKU 3112NH-20-PT1 Photo
SKU: 3112NH-20-PT1
Price: $2,570
SKU 2712NH-10-S-MT1 Photo
SKU: 2712NH-10-S-MT1
Price: $5,088
SKU 2712NH-10-L-MT1 Photo
SKU: 2712NH-10-L-MT1
Price: $5,088
SKU 3111NH-15-L-MT1 Photo
SKU: 3111NH-15-L-MT1
Price: $5,184
SKU 3111NH-15-S-MT1 Photo
SKU: 3111NH-15-S-MT1
Price: $5,184