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CM Electric Hoists

Wide variety of Columbus McKinnon electric chain hoists, including the Lodestar, Powerstar, ShopStar and Valustar models. 1 ton is most popular option.

Columbus McKinnon is a leading worldwide designer, manufacturer, and marketer of material handling systems and services, which efficiently and ergonomically move, lift, position, or secure material. Key products include hoists, actuators, cranes, and lifting and rigging tools. With a rich 135-year tradition, the company is focused on commercial and industrial applications that require the safety and quality provided by its superior design and know-how. CM is the parent company of Coffing Hoist, Budgit Hoist, Shaw-Box Cranes, Yale Hoist, Abell Howe, Chester Hoist, Little Mule, and Duff Norton.

SKU 5267G-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5267G-20-3
Price: $10,843
SKU 5267P-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5267P-20-3
Price: $10,226
SKU 5267H-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5267H-20-3
Price: $9,327
SKU 5285M-15-3 Photo
SKU: 5285M-15-3
Price: $13,990
SKU 5285G-15-3 Photo
SKU: 5285G-15-3
Price: $12,116
SKU 5285P-15-3 Photo
SKU: 5285P-15-3
Price: $11,317
SKU 5285H-15-3 Photo
SKU: 5285H-15-3
Price: $10,170
SKU 5269M-10-3 Photo
SKU: 5269M-10-3
Price: $12,323
SKU 5269G-10-3 Photo
SKU: 5269G-10-3
Price: $9,490
SKU 5269P-10-3 Photo
SKU: 5269P-10-3
Price: $9,432
SKU 5269H-10-3 Photo
SKU: 5269H-10-3
Price: $8,192
SKU 5285M-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5285M-20-3
Price: $14,294
SKU 5285G-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5285G-20-3
Price: $12,420
SKU 5285P-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5285P-20-3
Price: $11,621
SKU 5285H-20-3 Photo
SKU: 5285H-20-3
Price: $10,474
SKU 5269M-15-3 Photo
SKU: 5269M-15-3
Price: $12,627